Business Insights

Thought leadership is vital to the success of our services. Our client services are built around the belief that simple imitation of best practices in an industry does not produce the breakthrough impact our clients—and we—seek to create. Rather, leading-edge results require leading-edge methods and creative thought leadership. We invest heavily in developing such methods as well as knowledge generation in all the areas most critical to our clients’ growth. We transfer our knowledge and know-how through client engagements.

Insights & Innovation

Our people possess exceptionally deep expertise, know-how and competence in the full range of business issues that are critical to helping our clients with growth. We make significant investments in developing the best ideas, approaches, and methods on the business issues that are most critical to our clients.

Some of the topics that our people are researching and developing leading-edge views on include:

  • Macro trends and emerging new market opportunities

  • Big data and its implications on product and service innovation

  • Social network services (SNS) and customer loyalty

  • Decision effectiveness in a connected world

  • New profit frontiers – tapping the next billion customers

  • New growth in mature industry

Capability Insights

Through our experience, we’ve learned that there are several specific management disciplines that are fundamental to growth. Under each discipline, there is a broad range of business issues we explore and analyze. We take everything we learn from addressing these business issues and turn it into the best methods under each discipline. That’s how we create the leading content and IP in the disciplines critical to growth. Here are some example areas we address:


We help clients identify new growth platforms – and help them build the right entry path into those new growth areas.

Customer Strategy and Marketing:

We help clients accelerate growth in existing markets and products, as well as maximize their success from launching new products. We help them get the most benefit out of their marketing spend, and help them capture value through effective pricing mechanisms. We help them sustain high performance through effective sales and operational planning.


We help clients develop new products, identify unmet needs, generate new business concepts, and prototype those new businesses. We help them develop capabilities that will continuously generate products and services that embody “better, cheaper, and faster” in value proposition.


We help clients develop effective organizational models — processes, incentives and decision making protocols as well as formal structure — that will advance their strategic direction. We also help clients develop individual leaders and high-performing collaborative teams.

Innovation Management

Google. Facebook. Skype. Apple. These weren’t the household names before. But in less than 10 years, they became the leading brands and new industry leaders – as well as symbols of innovation. No other discipline can match the power of innovation in creating the new future —the strategic options that are currently unavailable, the business models and processes that remain undeveloped, and the offerings and customer experiences that have yet to be imagined.

For long-term success innovation is no longer optional—that as the pace of structural change accelerates across industries and as the world evolves and adapts at an astonishing rate, business leaders understand that they must shift from optimizing existing models to continually reinventing them. The challenging part is how to do so reliably and successfully, as evidenced by a typical innovation failure rate of 96 percent. However, through disciplined processes, tools, and methodologies, it is possible to construct what’s often a “one-off event” repeatable and dependable. Our belief is that innovation can be mastered as a discipline – it can be learned, practiced and honed over time. We work collaboratively with clients in setting innovation strategy, developing innovation capability, and becoming better innovators.

We invest heavily in acquiring deeper insights and expertise in innovation management:

  • Innovation methods and techniques

  • Developing insights in continued innovation

  • Innovation platforms and forums

  • Smart technology trade-off decisions

  • Adaptation & transformation

  • Sustainability