Who We Are

Our Clients

We serve many of the world’s most ambitious organizations. Many of them rank among the global 1000 corporations, but we also advise midsized businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions.

Our clients share an aspiration to lead in their fields and a desire to harness new ideas, unconstrained by conventional wisdom, for the benefit of their organizations.

Many of our clients are companies in industries that are in transition and where they need to make a significant move but are unclear precisely what to do. We typically work for CEOs, business unit heads and other members of the senior management team. Almost all of our clients are multinational in scope or aspiration.

We forge long-term partnerships with most of our clients. We work on a range of issues that drive competitive advantage and performance improvement.

Illustrative examples of how we help clients include:

  • Developing business and growth strategies in rapidly changing technology environment

  • Reshaping corporate business structure through M&A and post-merger integration efforts

  • Channeling voice of the customer, supplier trends, and competitive trends into decision making

  • Managing their business portfolios in emerging markets

  • Developing new capabilities through IT enabled strategy

  • Creating collaborative and productive innovation management processes

  • Developing strategies for operational excellence and supply chain management

  • Building world-class capabilities in areas such as marketing, sales and operations planning

  • Creating and executing international marketing strategies

Underlying common theme to these efforts is that they are critical initiatives which lead to significant changes and improvements in our clients’ competitive positions.

Our Offices

We have two growing offices in the US:

Washington Office:
10 G Street, N.E., Suite 710
Washington, D.C. 20002

Las Vegas Office:
2300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 800
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Social Impact

Despite rapid economic development, the world still faces a multitude of challenges: about one billion people worldwide are malnourished; more than a billion lack access to clean water; and twenty percent of children receive no education. Yet the world will grow by at least two billion people over the next 30 years. Meanwhile, diseases of the developing world continue to exact a terrible toll. Malaria, for example, claims nearly 1 million lives each year, with 90 percent of the fatalities occurring in sub-Saharan Africa. Changes of this scale present us with immense new challenges and equally vast opportunities.

We are committed to creating lasting social change. We support our people who roll up their sleeves and get results for all our stakeholders—our clients, our communities, the social and public sectors as a whole, our people and our firm. We do it because that’s who we are—people who care about real change and can’t be anything less than fully engaged on the issues that affect us all.